A hobby project I’m currently working on. This app is a fun way to keep my dev skills sharp and (hopefully) improve my disc golf game while I’m at it. My goal is to use it to track my putting progress over time and keep notes about my form.

Built With: Next.js (React) / Chakra UI / MongoDB

A sample app that tracks recurring income and expenses. For this project, I took the opportunity to dive deep on some advanced React concepts and built a Redux-like global store using Hooks and Context.

Built With: Next.js (React), styled-components, React Hooks and Context

A web application designed to help connect schools with pre-approved substitute teachers. Teachers can schedule an absence and notifications are instantly sent to any eligible subs. Work-In-Progress

Built With: Next.js (React), Apollo, GraphQL, Hasura, Twilio API

Sick Fits

An example ecommerce website. Includes a shopping cart and product management system built from scratch. Also supports credit card processing using the Stripe API. This was built during a guided tutorial by Wes Bos.

Built With: Next.js (React), Node.js, Prisma, GraphQL, Stripe API


A vanilla JavaScript calculator I built for a freeCodeCamp project back in 2017. This was a fun opportunity to put into practice some of the foundations I learned. (View source on the JS file for a laugh.)

Built With: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Pastoral Tweets

A fun random tweet generator inspired by The Happy Rant podcast. Randomly create an insightful (or illogical) thought for you to tweet.

Built With: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Twitter API

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